A biography of the man, the myth, the Ambassador of Finland (Retired)

Nobody likes a smart-ass which is why Mr. Lawrence has no friends.  The New Jersey native has only been in jail once; quite an accomplishment for this son of a laborer.  He’s spent his entire career writing comedy to mask the obvious pain he’s never had the guts to admit.  He began as an animator on the “Ren and Stimpy show”. Since then he’s conned his way into writing, directing and performing for such shows as “SpongeBob Squarepants” and “Rocko’s Modern Life”.  He has also collaborated on several movies including “The SpongeBob Movie” where he co-starred as “Plankton” and Rob Zombies’ “Haunted World of El Superbeasto”, which he co-wrote and directed.   After losing his first name in a tragic hotel fire; Mr. Lawrence has dedicated himself to making award winning short films such as: “Hairballs” (Playboy Magazine) and “Legally Dead”(Houston Worldfest). The prolific Mr. L continues to develop new television and feature comedies for children markets and adults even though he has been ordered by several judges to stop doing so. Yes, he does all these things and he’s so smug about it you’ll want to smack him.